Wednesday, September 27, 2017

W.A.L.T we did in the garden

What we did for gardening Today this morning my classroom 4 did our garden the girls garden we did the weeds, then put in this bin and then the boys did their one too. Us girls did our planting then we put this thing like sand on the seed then put dirt on top. When we were done, we went to write about it.

These questions:
  • What we learnt?
    • about was about the plants how to put the seed in the garden then put this sand thing on top the put the dirt on top
  • What we liked
     Was putting the sand thing  on top
     Answer some Question
2 weed’s name are that you pulled out
Prikle poha
Caret weeds

By waihemonga

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

W.A.L.T about Kate Sheppard

W.A.L.T write about when we had duffi day

          Duffi hero                                                                                                                This man came to our school and he talk about the book’s he write and talk about his life and how he made the book’s he told all of us that he did not draw the pitcher's and he draw like a 5 year his friend draw them and he just write the book he told all of us that he did not listen at school but he was so funny and he told all us funny joke’s  they were funny and he picked 4 people to go up and read the book dug the digger  he write and he gave them a bookmark  then it was the end in the afternoon we go our duffi book’s and i got 2 and every one did to and i got the ones i bring to school the end by waihemonga, Waaka and Tyla-Rain

Monday, September 25, 2017

W.A.L.T What we did yesterday

What we did yesterday In the afternoon my class Room 4 and I went outside for the plants to be put in the ground so we did a prayer and a waitata, and then we went back to class the end.

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Whaea Dawnette

By Waihemonga

(Tangi hanga)
Meaning: Tangihanga, or more commonly, Tangi, is a traditional Māori funeral rite held on a marae. While still widely practised, it is not universally observed in modern times. Each iwi (tribe/nation) differs on how they honour those who pass.
Meaning: is when people from school and family do a pitcher of the poison that  died
And bring it to where they worked or wherever they belong to in the community.  is when people from school and family do a pitcher of the poison that  died
What happened? Whaea Dawnette died and then we all went to her tangi and we all felt sad it was a sad time for us but we still are happy now too but we all miss whaea Dawnette .
What happened? Whaea Dawnette’s family came
and brought a photo of whaea Dawnette. We shook hands, sang a hymn, sang waiata after our kaumatua finished their speeches and then we went to morning tea.
Did she go?  because she died from a heart attack

Why was she so kind? Because she was a nice person and liked people.
Saturday 19 August (passed away)
Monday: Whole school went to the marae
Monday: 4 Sept 2017 8.30
How did
You feel
Sad and happy to see whaea but scary she not talking she normally say stuff about the newsletter and smiled.
I felt ready for to day and a bit sad but still happy for today.
At the marae.
At school.