Wednesday, May 31, 2017

This is some things i know about hang

W.A.L.T use the Hamburger Method when writing a persuasive speech.

We are learning facts about Matariki and everything around the subject.

Recount May 2017

On the holiday in 2015 my Uncle was married  to my Aunty.
I got up out of bed and got change into my dress that  my mum buy and shoes and bust my hair and then got in the car and my mum
Sister step dad and my dog off we all went to a house and when we got there my Uncle was not there until every one came after and
We waited for my Aunty to come when she got there the music played then they said words and then they were done we ate cake and had lots and lost of lollies and played with my cousins and we got home me and everyone and me and my sister put our old close and put our lollies away to then we played with our friends the cake look like a hat and then we ate it it was a chocolate cake with
chocolate flower it was fun at my uncle wedding this is my Recount.

We Are Learning about the moa and if it should be De-Extinct or not.

Monday, May 29, 2017

my speech.

1. Why should we have Te Reo Maori at schools? .

We should have Te Reo Maori in schools so we can learn to speak Maori, especially people’s names and our place names in Aotearoa and sing Maori songs.

2. Why would we sing and speak Maori at school and do we need to? Did you know we had 3 languages in New Zealand?

We do need to speak and sing Maori then we can speak 2 languages in school or if you don't just have 2 then you may have lots of them then or just 3.

We do need to speak Maori then we can talk to people and learn to sing with them and know what their singing and then we can talk Maori to Maori and other people.

3. Why do we have Te Reo Maori around?

So we can speak it and sing it all the languages of maori people come from Te Reo Maori.

4. Why do most schools don't have Te Reo Maori.

They don't because they don't like Te Reo Maori or they just don't want to teach the kids Te Reo Maori and teach them english to them instead.ui

5. Why do we need Te Reo Maori for name’s?

We need to have Te Reo Maori so we can have names for over maori. People of names for  shops or  places in nz.

My name is Waihemonga.
Thank you for listening to my speech.

Monday, May 15, 2017


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