Wednesday, March 21, 2018

WALT: how to write story's

What is sportsmanship?  It is about using manaakitanga and kindness to other people and having
lots of fun with other people and have
teamwork,nice words to other people.
What does being a good sports person mean? By
showing kindness to other player’s and your team matte’s too and
being a good person to people and if u lose  would u be a saw loser or a good saw loser.
Conclusion: is how to be a good sportsmanship and why would you be a good
sportsmanship person cause it good to be a good player ,have fun at the same time too.

Sportsmanship  is about people play  fairly on the
feelid or where ever your playing and people in your group will be helping you a lot and
it fun being in a team i love being in a team it fun doing sports.
Sportsmanship is good and
it help people to be good player’s
with other people and of course listen to the person talking like the captain and you can cheer for other group to
it all way fun cheering for other to   then just your own group’s it make other people day too  it show
kindness in the world by playing fairly.

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

WALT: to do cybersmart

WALT: writing about friend ship

Friend ship
Is being a trust friend and a kind  person and u have to be a good friend by being there when
there sad or angry that what friend do   if u are a good friend then u can be happy
with other people and make lot’s of friend’s

Cause we would be lonely without friends and sad all the time that why because friend
are funny and kind  and a helping hand
person you can do lot’s with your friend’s like going to school
together and hang out at each other house i love having friend’s
if i had none i would be just bored all
the time friend help u have fun and go place with them that why i like having friend’s  i don't know
what i do with out friend’s cause your friend would mean a lot and
help you the most that why i like having friends
Is why would we have friendship would u ever want a friend around???

I have a friend she a cool friend me and her mostly talk all the time and we
both are in the same class  when we play at play time we sit down and talk
about our fav game called movie star planet i mostly do and we help each other
when we get put down’s from other people and we both know

what to do when put down happen she the best friend i ever had  i wonder
what would happen if i did not meet her i would be playing with my sister mostly or just
having fun with my other friend that why im glad  i meet her my friend so funny we always
play games like truth or dare it fun we mostly play it and go on the school park it so fun we do
the monkey bar  and do flip to some time we act like monkey it funny my friend she always
talk funny and we are
like the same but different too i love having a friend and so happy that she
my friend  she my best friend and when we talk about movie star planet mostly about
when my sister and her dress
the same like bunny’s.

It funny and my sister so funny when we are playing it
 we tell my friend about she laugh all the time it so funny she say and
she told us about her movie star page too and in the morning at school
we play soccer mostly it fun we play with our classmates  some of them
it fun and we all have fun vs each other my sister
funny when she kick the ball and it was so fun playing the game too.

I like when my friend’s talk funny and we all play together
It so fun  my sister she play with us too it fun me and
my sister mostly talk too she like playing with us and her friend’s too
and we all are in the same class that funny and cool
 we do most of the stuff together with my sister and we all use manaakitangi .

If you dont know friend ship now you do thank you for reading my story about friend ship(:

Structure &

By Waihemonga

Kawa of Care for My Chromebook

WALT:  Create a DLO that inspires learners to follow our kawa of care.

  • Demonstrate at least two ways of keeping our chromebook safe.