Sunday, July 2, 2017

my recount of puppy's hope you like it

Puppies are cute very very very  cute that you love there face and can not stop looking at them they are so funny and there just like baby’s we can not stop watching them when they go to sleep and it is so so so so cute you can see it now here is a photo of a puppy sleeping.               

Image result for puppies sleeping cute they are so cute you can get this off the internet search puppy sleeping  cute  this is so cute i would die for it that is so cute. i have a puppy it look’s like this here .

IMG_20170512_234723.jpg And he is so cute when he eats, sleep,drink water.  It is so fun when you walk them and they are so cute watching  walk it is so cute that you can leave your children that is scary but that will never happen maybe not i'm just kidding.

     Here are some tips of having a puppy.
  1. Buy dog  food and dog toys and dog bowls
  2. Get a dog bed and have a place in your house you will need a room in your house

  So it has a play room and where it plays with its toys and have a big backyard so they can do what they do and you must have a gate but on thing you must have a big gate so they do not run away and when they get big and they can rip stuff like teddy bear's and be ware of your shoes the puppy can rip those up too. that's all the tips i have for you
thank you for reading my recount of puppy's.