Thursday, November 16, 2017

WALT write storys

I think the journey is awesome and cool i would love to do it and hope that i would go far then wild boy he has a cool story about him and he must of went prty far and he meet lots of cool animals and he seen some cool places too.

I would love to see all those places and  go and see some people around the north island of new zealand
I agree withe the statement that the journey is more important

1lee i would love to go around the hole north island of new zealand

2lee you would just want to do it to be famous or go see beautiful places and don’t have to pay to do this and be the first person to do this.

3lee i would love to see all the Animals
That wild boy saw and play with them and i want to go hunting for food to and find seafood to eat too.

4 and have a camp out too its fun.

Sunday, November 12, 2017

WALT do Re Reo story translate

Tittle: I Aha koe?
I tu ahau pēnei te kaki roa
I  hikoi ahau pēnei i te arewhana
I pi ki ahau i te pea i poipoi ahau
pēnei i te makimaki
I peke ahau pēnei i te poraka
I oma ahau pēnei i te  rapeti
I noho ahau pēnei i te punua kuri
I inu ahau pēnei i te punua ngeru
I kai ahau pēnei i te kitere i takoto ahau pēnei i te kiore
I moe ahau pēnei i te tuatete i tu ahau i hikoi ahau i peke ahau i peke ahau i oma ahau noho ahau i inu ahau i kai ahau i takoto ahau i moe ahau korero mai i aha koe
I stood here as a long neck
I walked like a bicycle
I was hit by a bear that was nursed
such as a monkey
I laughed like the block
I ran like a rabbit
I was sitting like a dog dog
I drank like cats
I ate as if I had dreamed like a mouse

I slept like the one I had walked when I laughed I laughed I was sitting and I was drinking I ate I fell asleep and told me what you did