Tuesday, June 26, 2018

W.A.L.T Create a short clip using stop motion SC i will : i will try and do my best next time cause it was kinda a fail . * make short movements for each short .        what i learned was that i need to learn how to do that what i discovered what worked was the clay the background was kinda a fail for me i found the background difficult because the side wail keep falling over and moving .

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Hour Of Coding

Mine craft Coding WALT: Code and create our own version of Snappy, Star Wars, Dragon Blast and Mine Craft. SC: I will write a quality blog post explaining how we worked our way through the stages. I will screenshot my work showing the blocks I used to create my code. We have been learning to code. The coding I chose was level 6. I enjoyed this game. It was challenging when level 10. I helped others by helping Ella level up. I needed help with the level by my friend Ella. It took me 35 mins to get to stage 10 . When I finished the 12 stages I got a certificate. I took screenshots as I worked my way through the stages. When you look at the screenshots you can see how I used blocks to create the code which made to level 10.


Tuesday, June 5, 2018

WALT:speech writing....

My Speech……
Why homework should be band!
Hello, my name is waihemonga and today i’ll be talking about banning homework!

one we shouldn't have homework “because us kids” don't want  our own time
taken like our free time! and we hate doing work after school why cause we just
finished doing lots of work!

another reason why us kids hate doing homework well not all of us kid’s
some of us like doing homework then doing nothing! ‘some say’ well i will
say that us kids don't like homework cause we could be watching our favite tv show
or playing outside with our friend’s  and playing on our computer
games like MovieStarPlanet or kizzy. I don't know but that's what most kids do
if they don't like homework so i'm not saying us kids can band homework to play on
our game’s or play outside or even play with our friend’s next door im saying this
because i don't like doing work after school! even though i do lot’s at school!

Lastly, i think that we should be able to not be doing homework well im just
trying to say is that im not really a big fan of home work so it should be band sorry
to all people that who like home work but i just not a big fan (: