Tuesday, October 31, 2017

WALT is a bout kate shappard

WALT story writing

Little red and the wolf  

             Chapter 1            
By Waihemonga                                       
 illustrated by Waihemonga

Once upon a time there lived a girl named me Little Red i loved my life and everyone that loved me...then one day  my mother died when i was a 5 year old  & my father gave me up for adoption and yet no-one wanted me. so i  had to lived alone and had no-one to live with & no-one to trust. As i got older the age 11 i started to cooking my own food and making my own clothes...i was a hard worker a lot, almost like Cinderella.Then one day my nan was sick so she call me Little Red and i  said yes i loved to come   over so i  cooked some  cookies & cupcakes & cake then i went off with my bag of the food and on my way to my Nan’s house.

chapter 2                              going to my  nan’s house
Off  i went to nan’s i was so happy to see someone from my family off i  went the easy way the dark frost no one goes there but i could take the long way naaaa i said  it was 5 blocks away so off i went to the dark frost then i heard the man yell stop  i went to him and said no i'm going to my nan’s the man said ok but there a big bad wolf if you bring food in there you will need to hide it he'll steal them and if you don't give time he'll eat your family and you don't tell him where you live or where you're going ok he’ll kill you ok we were ok old man i said why should i leasion to that man he look’s like he’s homeless i'm not sure to trust him so off i go to the dark frost it look’s old and there lot’s of home’s with t.v’s food i should move here and the i heard a noise some thing watching me it’s baby wolf there so cute the the dad comes out and says come on kids back in side sorry my kid’s are very bad ow sorry i'm going to my nan’s ok bye say me  ok bye says the wolf i say what a kind wolf the we become best friends  we talk lost and  play we were having fun and no  
  Chapter 3

The wolf took me to nan’s and i showed him nans new cooking part of the house it was so cool when i showed him nan told him to get out or i'll kill you i said that’s my friend she said that’s not your  friend i went looking for him he was long gone i went to his house where i met him he was not there his wife said she said she has not seen him all day and i said he ran away becues my nan was rude when i saw him  

WALT is writing persuasive writing

Should We Have Gala Day Every Year?

For              Against

-Make money
-selling good
-buying stuff?
-for our trip
-buy stuff?
-time to make things
-no money
-things may not turn up
-weather location

Sunday, October 15, 2017

WALT: writing about one day in the holiday

Monday 16 october  2017                                                       On Tuesday  I went to whangarei with my
Aunty and Mum,sister rangi we went to burger king for a lunch stop and sushi it was nice it was a sunny day  then we went to my Aunt's and played with my little cousin’s and patten ,baby,my sister rangi   

Then patten and my little cousin's,rangi played tag and then we all went to the shop we buyed some lollies then went back to my aunty house we played and ate the lollies it was fun then we waited for my mum to come back with the pizza we had tea and then went to play patten went home then we played with keza we all played find the people it was fun then we sat down and watch some t.v it was fun then my came back when it was dark  we got some chocolate  then said bye and then got in the car and ate more lollies with my sister and some fizzy i fell asleep on the way home i got up when we were there and then watched a horror when i got home then i fell asleep in my bed  the movie was scary movie called